Pretty Pictures: Free Couch

by Holy Shadow

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this my split with my friends he's lying, kill him
you can download their side of the split here:


released June 2, 2013

greg - guitar, vocals
elliot - drums on "Jerusalem's Lot", vocals and washing machine on "This Song Does Not Use the "A" Word
toby - electric guitar on "Jerusalem's Lot", vocals on "This Song Does Not Use the "A" Word




Holy Shadow Baltimore, Maryland

thank you

maine --> baltimore

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Track Name: Jerusalem's Lot
the screen's light has gone out
trying to sleep in this house
i'll die a million deaths before the morning comes

and what i'm supposed to do
when i look up at the sky and i see that it is blue
but i don't wanna see it anymore

you told me the truth just yesterday
you said you don't feel the same but that's okay
'cause if you go i guess that i can stay

i spent so many months just looking off that bridge
that i don't know where i live
'cause where you live is where your life is
and there's no life here.
Track Name: This Song Does Not Use the "A" Word
Robespierre was killed by a blade

that fell with the whole world’s weight

you told me you wanted to kill a cop

while waiting for Marat’s bath to finally be drawn

he said the Leftover Crack show was full of jocks and preps

and that made him love the show a little less

i said no no no, forget stereotypes

if you’re coming to learn then you’re doing it right.

So sing with me, sing with me, sing with me, all night long
take comfort in knowing it’s a tradition of freedom
sing with me, sing with me, sing with me, all night long
and don’t the confusion confuse what side you're on.

In the summer of 1895

Allen, Verity and O’dell went to find

a little piece of land that they could share

and started the Home community there

it was a free and communal place

free from the corruption of the state

until one day some wanted to swim nude

and a few of the others seemed to think that was rude.

It seems to me if you believe in freedom

you should believe in the freedom of other people

those who coerce their friends in their lives

i wonder how they sleep at night

those who hated naked swimming

hate the state too ‘til it’s in their best interest

they went to the courts to state their case

and dug the home community’s grave.

This is an open invitation to go far away

because it’s not immediate, smashing the state

up on the moon or back home in Maine

we can go somewhere to be free someday

let’s build a rocket fueled by vegetable oil

or maybe live like worms under the soil

one way or another let’s find a place

where the good in humans can stop going to waste.
Track Name: To the Canal
Pretty Ty, he says to me
that down here in DC
we only smoke these
it was PCP
but he did not tell me
i got lost on Potomac St.
in what he said to me

i'm going down
i'm going down
i'm going down down down to the canal.

so you can stop and stare
i don't really care
i'm not really there
just some bones in some clothes i wear
so when you stop and stare
i would shoot Voltaire
if i even cared

i'm going down
i'm going down
i'm going down down down to the canal.

what was that thing
what was that thing
that we used to have?

if i could remember
i'm singin', if only i could remember
i think i could get it back.

but i'm going down.
i'm going down.
i'm going down down to the canal.
Track Name: He's Lying, Kill Him - Virginia State
Virginia state, oh Virginia state...