Recorded Alone

by Holy Shadow

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Hastily recorded acoustic demos for the sole purpose of "putting something out there", so to speak.

Recorded alone on December 26th, 2012.


released December 26, 2012




Holy Shadow Baltimore, Maryland

thank you

maine --> baltimore

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Track Name: Ground Things
I found God way out in the west,
in the faces of a few select people I met
who know a thing or two about despair.

I always wanted to die young
until I almost died young
there's more than one kind of freedom out there.

When the sun comes down
I put things in the ground
that I don't need.

There was only one single piece
of advice that ever stuck to me
and that was always appreciate when the heat's on.

Happiness is a long journey,
happiness is right beneath your feet
happiness is between your feet and the treetops.
Track Name: Red River Valley
[Come and sit by my side if you love me
do not hasten to bid me adieu
just remember the Red River Valley
and this cowboy who loved you so true.]

Well I heard that you had forgotten
you'd forgotten how to live
I promise if you ever make it back here
I will give all that I have to give.


If you ever make it back from California
promise me you'll still remember my name (greg)
and all those nights we stayed up all night just drinking, my friend
to be bathed in the sunlight's sweet rays.

Track Name: Opium Dens
All the opium dens in China won't save me from myself
and if you want to make a clean escape well there's only one way out.

I had a dream last night that we all were free and I had a dream that I would never die
But all the dreams that I could ever dream will never bring you back to life.

I rode in a car towards Stoneham and pretended it was home where we could sleep and forget this life that I've fucked up.
Needless to say I didn't get any sleep at all but I still stayed up all night thinking of all the things we could have been dreaming of.

And I was so drunk that night I first danced with you but somehow I made it the whole night through.
And now you're back wherever it was that you were from and wherever that is I hope things are better for you than they were for you when I knew you.
Track Name: The Weather
We had a heat wave, it rained for three days, and for a brief time I felt better. The sleep that I never get hangs off of my regrets; at least now I have an excuse not to dream. I think that you should know that you saved my life and I hope that when you get home Acton treats you all right because I owe you so much. Now I just want to call you or write you a letter because every time that we would talk, I'd always feel better. I hope that I can see you before the days get too short.
Track Name: For November
I hated brushing my teeth this morning,
Sodium fluoride only cleans so much,
And things got pretty bad without warning,
It all comes back when you wake up.
In a blackout he screamed "It's not fair,
You don't deserve what's happening to you,"
I held him close and cried into his hair,
And said "Nothing is further from the truth,"

For November and the pain you bring,
for November with love from me.

I stared at the tree line, black like your eyes,
And remembered the first snow of the year,
The line between death and being alive,
I'm gonna close my mouth and pretend like I belong here,
Snow angels are white and amphetamines are blue,
I'm gonna try so hard tonight, gonna try not to think about you.

For November and the pain you bring,
for November with love from me.